The Continental

The crowding problem galvanised the management into action and the top storey of the building was opened up and, named The Belfry, became the coffee barís band room.  The area was dark and bleak, however, and band nights simply didnít have the atmosphere that they did when the shows were held downstairs in the main bar.  This, coupled with impossibly demanding sound level infringements forced upon it by the council due to complaints by local residents, as well as the fact that fire escapes were non-existent, probably caused The Continentalís eventual demise in the area of live music.

I have no knowledge of the final circumstances that befell The Continental beyond around 1966 but was sad to find, upon a later return to Eastbourne, that, due to building projects and renovations, it seemed to have become almost impossible to tell exactly where the coffee bar had actually been situated Ė so much had changed.  It was good while it lasted, though, and one of those special contributions to a teenagerís life that will never be forgotten.

Contributed by Dick Plant
(The Sabres/Shelley)


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