The Starlight Rooms

The rooms were small and ran the length of the upstairs building.  Nowadays, a club like The Starlight would never get opened, as safety was for the most part rudimentary until they opened another room at the far end called the Pop Inn, which also had music.  It was never really as popular or as successful as the main dance room, but afforded another exit.

Until that time there was only one way in and out, and the corridors of the club were very narrow.

After passing through the entrance to the club, you entered into a small room with a jukebox, cloakroom and soft drink stand.  Another narrow corridor led you into the main room.

As you entered, immediately on your right was the bandstand - small, low level and barely enough room for the musicians to set up.

Behind the musicians at the back of the stage and to one side, "Spin a disc Stan", as he was advertised, had a small table with his record player and microphone and a set of bongo drums that he would frequently play along to the music.


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