The Starlight Rooms

In mid 1964 a change of policy became necessary for The Starlight.  Up until that time, Maurice and Stan had supported local bands and talent, because that was what filled the club night after night and what contributed to its special atmosphere.

But this policy had to give way to a wider selection of bands and artists.  The Giants were now touring internationally and The T-Bones were in a Friday night residency at The Marquee Club in London and touring nationally.

Among the new artists that appeared were Millie, David Bowie (Davy Jones and the Lower Third) and a great number of local and south coast bands.

At the end of October 65 The Starlight Rooms closed for updating.  A critical two-month gap followed and when the club reopened with the old rooms renamed "Beat City" it was never the same again.

Live music was reduced to three nights a week and the old excitement and atmosphere had gone.

The club carried on until 1966 when it finally closed.  More and more clubs were opening locally and the special exciting atmosphere of a small club with the fans close to the bands as in 1963/64 had gone.


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